PW-800 Automatic Inspection System

Packaged a whole Power Supply Inspection!
Easily incorporated into the Production Line!

The Automatic Power Supply Inspection System PW-800 is an ALL-in-ONE package model that uses the know-how of power supply inspection proven for more than 40 years. All the necessary hardware for the Inspection System is incorporated in the model-800 (Electronic loads and measuring unit) thus it can be used at the production line by selecting the necessary power source (AC or DC power supply).


  • All-in-one tester incorporated with 5ch-load, 5ch-ripple & noise measurement, power source for over voltage test, Digital voltmeter(DVM) and Data input/output(DIO)
  • High speed inspection by specialized design in Automated Test Equipment(ATE)
    This speed is equal with model-600E.
  • Expansion slot allows expansion of CONTACT, which is convenient for power start sequence measurement and jig control.
  • Load expansion up to 20 channels (1kw/ch max) and high expansible up to single phase or 3 phase 6kVA
  • Easily structure inspection line by PowerTestSite/PW-800(auto inspection software) that specialized in power test over 20 years
  • By linking with safety tester, all inspections of switched-mode power supply can be structured by PW-800.
  • Inspection date uses storage method of Microsoft Access(mdb file) .
    Efficiently storage and control of enormous data.
    Building the import of acquired data to DB that is structured by user.
  • PowerTestSite/PW-800 is installed ability to call inspection results from mdb file and Dataview function that transport to Inspection certicate.

Configuration of the system


Automatic Power Supply Tester

Load and Measurement unit.
This unit has a built-in 5ch load, 5ch ripple & noise measurement unit, over-voltage power supply (8ch), DVM (16ch), and Di/Do (8ch each). Sequence measurement (3ch) and CONTACT (C-contact switch: 8ch) can be added using the general-purpose slot for expansion.


Power meter unit

Power meter units are available for single-phase 2-wire input and 3-phase 3-wire input wiring methods and capacities.
The built-in power meter supports high precision measurement as well as standby power measurement (up to 4kVA) and inrush current measurement.
A universal outlet and terminal block are provided on the AC connection panel for easy connection to DUTs and Jigs.

EAC series AC Power source

AC power source (EAL ADV/ EAC series)

Single phase – 500VA、1.25kVA、2kVA、3kVA、4kVA and 6kVA and 3-phase – 3kVA、6kVA available according to the inspection power supply specifications.

Note: Power meter and AC power source are GP-IB control by USB-GPIB conversion cable

PowertestSite/PW-800 supports Windows 10!

PowerTestSite(auto power source software) has been upgraded!
While maintaining the conventional operation, increase the number of control devices for GP-IB control.
Support for upgrading power inspection items. Installed license control using USB dongle.



Load and measuring unit(model-800E)
5 ch load part300W70V50AConstant Current/Constant ResistanceAvailable up to 600W loading by connecting multiple channels in parallel
Output voltage partMeasure method of 5ch switching ripple: Pulse width duty ratio comparison methodDC100V/AC2000mVpp Frequency characteristics 50MHz
Overvoltage function testExternal voltage applied method with 8 output multiplexer1V ~ 70V/0.0A ~ 0.5A(with Over Current limiter)
General purpose voltage measurement inputDigital voltmeter with 16-input multiplexerDC100V 10mA
Digital Input/ OutputPhoto coupler 8-input, 8-outputInput: photo coupler [1 ohm, 12V/10mA (Up to 16mA) ]
Output: Open collector [12V/10mA(Up to 24V/16mA)]
General purpose slotUp to 3 slotsSlot for additional SC-8xx scanner module
InterfaceUSB2.0 and CONTROL I/F (only for model-519)Conforming to USB2.0 (Full Speed)
Range of input current/ voltageAC 85 - 264 V, 50 / 60 Hz (47~63)Single phase worldwide input
Power consumption200VA
Dimension430(W)×198.2(H)×500(D) mm Not including Protrusions
Weight15 kg
Scanner module
SC-830 Multiplexer for DVM (8ch) measurementSmall signal magnet relay DC220V, AC250V, 10mA
SC-840 Relay contact Output (8ch)C-contact (transfer) DC30V 1A/ AC250V 1A
SC-850 photo coupler insulation digital Input/ Output (8ch)Input: photo coupler [1 ohm, 12V/10mA (Up to 16mA)]
Output: Open collector [12V/10mA (Up to 24V/16mA)]
SC-860A Sequence measure (3ch)Voltage input ±200V Measuring time 0.1s~10.0s(0.2msec)
AC power source unit
EAL ADV seriesSingle phase 500VA - 6KVAGP-IB option 1539 is required separately
EAC seriesThree phase 3kVA - 6KVAGP-IB option 1528 is required separately
Power meter unit
PW3335 single phase unitSingle phase 30AMeasure standby power and inrush current
PW3336 single phase unitSingle phase 65AMeasure inrush current
PW3336 single phase unit3-phase 3-wire 65AMeasure 2ch and inrush current
DC power source unit
modelー519AChoose from rated current among 5A/10A/20A/50AGen sys+(made by TDK lambda) is required separately
USB-GPIB cable
USB-GPIB converterUSB2.0/IEEE488.2Required due to make GP-IB equipment (for expansion) work
Electric load for expansion
Load Station Series120V/500V 300W or 1000WGP-IB control
PowerTestSite™system requirements
OSWindows10(64 bit)
CPUCore™i3(more 3rd generation)
Memory4GB or more
HDD free capacity128GB or more
USBUSB2.0 (use 2 port per one system)
ModelIBM [AT] compatible

The specifications and shapes described herein are subject to change without notice due to improvements. Please inquire us about update information.