Power Electronics Division

Regenerative power supply / Electronic load

Highly efficient regenerative electronic load and bidirectional power supply. Max. 200kW possible by parallel operation.

AC, DC, LED Electronic load

Wide ranging line up including High speed current response, Plug-in, High voltage-high current, LED driver compatible series so on.

Ripple and noise meter

The Automatic Power Supply Inspection System PW-800 is an ALL-in-ONE package model that uses the know-how of power supply inspection proven.

Only one voltmeter that can measure and display ripple and noise separately.

Visualware division

4K / 8K uncompressed video recorder

It corresponds to 3G-SDI / 12G-SDI, it can be monitored and operated with front touch panel.

FE super resolution unit

Realized HD → 4K upscaling and remastering of moving images with original FE super resolution technology.

MEGURO electronics division

Audio analyzer

Analyzer for AC / DC voltage, level, distortion, frequency measurement. A model with an oscillator is also available.

Signal generator

Signal generator for generating GPS / GNSS / FM multiplex simulation signal.

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