Release of Wide-range Uncompressed Recorder with HDMI Interface, UDR-40S-HM

KEISOKU GIKEN Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Yokohama, Japan; President: Tadao Tanaka) has released the UDR-40S-HM, which is a new product of uncompressed video disk recorders.

The video disk recorder UDR-40S-HM, which was developed under the different concept with the conventional models of the UDR-S Series, features a highest video range compared to conventional models.

Cameras capable of shooting super high-resolution pictures (4K and 8K) have recently been popular. Needs of recorders and players for super high-resolution pictures have accordingly been grown. Additionally, needs for frame rate increase for video signal recording and replay have been increasing in 3D systems.

To meet the needs, the UDR-40S-HM incorporates speedy HDMI 1.4a I/F to realize a super high-resolution video recording and replaying system. This recorder will be suitably used in applications of research on super high-resolution video devices, development of players of realistic images (8K4K image systems and 4K3D image systems), and high-tech image technology development in science and art.

The UDR-40S, which is a conventional model that conforms to the DVI I/F standard, responds to various demanding needs.


■ Applications

  • Research and development of super high resolution video devices
  • Research and development of high frame-rate devices
  • Servers for realistic image systems (8K and 4K3D)
  • Super high-resolution motion picture contents shooting and recording

■ Features

  • An uncompressed recorder incorporating 4- or 8-channel HDMI input/outputs.
  • Supporting up to 4096x2160RGB 12bit 120P (60Px3D) output (8 channels)
  • Channel expansion through concurrent operations of two more units (optional)
  • Simple operation with dedicated application GUI software
  • Supporting various image formats including BMP, TIFF, and DPX
  • Ensuring data reliability through automatic creation of parity equivalent to RAID5
  • High-speed transfer of picture data to a computer through the connection with 10GbE I/F


■ Ordering Information

UDR-40S-HM-4 : Dual-Link HDMI 4-ch input/output recording media SSD (4 types)   
UDR-40S-HM-8 : Dual-Link HDMI 8-ch input/output recording media SSD (4 types)  


■ Time of Ordering

Accepting orders from December 2011 (contact us for more details)


■ Time of Delivery

Starting the delivery from February 2012 (contact us for more details)


■ Price

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