AC/DC Regenerative Electronic Load to Europe market by conforming to CE marking and 3-phase, 400V system

Keisoku Giken Co., Ltd. announces release of Ene-Phant series (AC/DC Regenerative Electronic Load) to Europe market which has been released in Japan market by conforming to CE marking and 3-phase, 400V system.

EU member nations are known as environmentally advanced and are aggressively tackling with the earth warming effect by power recycling.

The Ene-Phant series AC/DC Regenerative Electronic Load can be used as AC Electronics Load as well as DC Electronic Load. Single unit for 10kW in single-phase – 2wires system, parallel operation for 50kW and the loading power can be regenerated.

Maximum loading to 40kW at Single phase-3 wire system and 30kW loading in 3-phase operation. New design realized this system by 34% reduction in it size comparing to AC Electronic Load of Keisoku Giken.

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