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CS Media Processor Series

Video Control System Challenges to Any Possibilities

CS media processor, 400 series, compatible to 4K

CS media processor, 800 series, compatible to 8K


Keisoku Giken ever introduced epoch making video server [UDR] in 2000. The UDR is the land mark of the Super High Resolution imaging in the professional video industry. In 2016, Keisoku Giken announces media processor [CS series].

This CS series is a flexible video device which is capable to collaborate with external equipment through MIDI, DMX and serial port. Adapted widely from 2K to 8K resolution hence various medias can be utilized.

At InterBEE2016, CS media processor 400 series which is capable up to 4K and CS media processor 800 series which is capable to 8K are showcased.

In the booth, 4K/120P video clips can be seen on 147 inch wide screen by SONY Data Projector [VPL-GTZ280].


  • Module structure architecture as a core system of integrated video production environment.
  • Compatible to wide ranging video input/output from 2K/30P to 8K/120P.
  • Own software technology made this series highly stable, flexible and expandable.
  • Incorporated HDD used super high bandwidth RAID for long content.
  • Various control modules such as MIDI, DMX and series port.
  • • Creative Video Creation Functions for Space Production Device.
In this exhibition, OA LABORATORY CO., LTD., CRESCENT INC., NEWTECH CO., LTD. and KEISOKU GIKEN CO., LTD are jointly exhibiting under the theme 8K/4K. Their own technologies and products are showcased for full of solutions for your interest. Please visit out booth in HALL 7 and talk to their sales staffs and engineers about your 8K/4K Ultra High Definition Image applications.

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