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KEISOKU GIKEN Announces ProRes 8K Recorder

[KRS-8K] ProRes8K Recording System


KRS-8K is the 8K Recording Systems for 7680 x 4320@59.94Hz ProRes codec.

Four AJA Ki Pro Ultras are synchronized and works as a single 8K recorder that realizes superior cost performance.

While maintaining the various functions of Ki Pro Ultra, basic operations are achieved by simply pressing the buttons on the control unit.

Two SSD media (PAK : Dedicated to Ki Pro Ultra) can be installed in each Ki Pro Ultra for over 2 hours continuous recording in 8K format. *-1

In addition, PAK can be replaced by turn for continuous recording. 

*-1 : Recording time may differ in accordance to the ProRes codec compression type.


  • KRS-8K can also be used for content recording and on-air back up in addition to 8K player.
  • Recorded videos are filed in ProRes format thus data transfer to editing software is smooth.
  • Compatible to HD and 4K multi channel. KRS-8K can be utilized for existing video sources.
  • Basic control possible on the front panel of the controller such as PLAY, REC, STOP, FF/REW and SLOW.)

In this exhibition, OA LABORATORY CO., LTD., CRESCENT INC., NEWTECH CO., LTD. and KEISOKU GIKEN CO., LTD are jointly exhibiting under the theme 8K/4K. Their own technologies and products are showcased for full of solutions for your interest. Please visit out booth in HALL 7 and talk to their sales staffs and engineers about your 8K/4K Ultra High Definition Image applications.

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