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MSA-4930 Spectrum Analyzer
The end of production


The MSA-4930, Spectrum Analyzer, with much elevation on the frequency domain technology, is positioned as an accurate and powerful equipment for RF measurements in the industrial fields. The 3GHz Frequency band(9kHz to 3GHz)and the Low noise floor of -117dB greatly
expands the MSA-4930 dynamic range to a level that meets most of the critical measurement requirements in various market sectors.
The optional filters plus Averge and Quasi-Peak Detections fullfill the demand for EMI test compliances. The fucntion of"Peak Table", listing the first ten peaks based on the ranking of either amplitude or frequency, provides EMI engineers with a very convenient equipment. The
MSA-4930 provides multiple PC connections. In addtion to the standard RS-232C and optional GP-IB for remote control, this unit now includes the widely adopted USB Host for data tranfer and display printout. In addition to the light-weight & compact design, DC power of automobile cigar lighter/Battery power operation give field service engineers the best portability benefit.


Low noise floor(-117dBm @ 1GHz, 3kHz RBW)
Auto set Function
Sequence Programming Functions
Auto Measurement Functions for ACPR, OCBW, N-dB, Phase jitter
Phase/Fail Test with Limit Line Editing
5 Markers with ΔMarkers
Frequency Compensation Function
Split Windows Allow Separate Settings
Multi-Mode Power Operation for AC / DC / Battery
Multi-Language Operation for English and Chinese
Interfaces for USB, RS-232C, GP-IB (option)
VGA Output Terminal on Rear Panel
6.4" TFT Color LCD, Resolution: 640×480
Dimensions : Approx. 330(W)×170(H)×340(D)mm
Weight : Approx. 5.8kg without Options
Optional Tracking Generator & Preamplifier
* The application program is attached.


Frequency Range 9KHz to 3GHz
Aging Rate 1ppm/yr,±1ppm(10-6) (0 to 50ºC)
Span Range 2kHz to 3.0GHz in 1/2/5 sequence, full span, zero span
Phase Noise -80dBc/Hz @ 1GHz 20kHz Offset typical
Sweep Time Range 50ms to 25.6s
• RBW Range 3kHz, 30kHz, 300kHz, 4MHz
• RBW Accuracy 15%
• VBW Range 10Hz to 1MHz in 1-3 steps

Measurement Range -103dBm to +20dBm:1MHz to 15MHz, Ref. Level ≥-30dBm
-117dBm to +20dBm,15MHz to 1000MHz,Ref. Level ≥-110dBm
-114dBm to +20dBm,1000MHz to 3000MHz,Ref. Level≥-110dBm
Overload Protection +30dBm, 25VDC Max
accuaracy ±1dB@100MHz
Frequency Flatness ±1dB(Out of range : 9kHz to 1MHz)
Display Range Linearity ±1dB (70dB over)
Reference Level Range -110dBm to +20dBm

Average Noise Floor -135±1dBm/Hz : 1MHz to 15MHz, Ref. Level ≥-30dBm
<-149dBm/Hz,typical -152dBm/Hz.15MHz to 1000MHz,
Ref Level ≥ -110dBm
<-146dBm/Hz,typical -149dBm/Hz,1000MHz to 3000MHz,
Ref Level≥110dBm
Third Harmonic Distortion <-70dBc RF Input @-40dBm ,Ref Level @-30dBm
Harmonic Distortion <-60dBc RF Input < -40dBm,Ref Level @-30dBm
Non-Harmonic Spurious <-93dBm,1MHz to 15MHz,Ref Level ≥ -30dBm;
<-107dBm,15MHz to 1000MHz,Ref Level ≥-110dBm;
<-104dBm,1000MHz to 3000MHz,Ref Level ≥-110dBm;

Display 640×480 high-resolution TFTcolor LCD
Internal Memory 10Traces,10Setup Info,10Limit Lines,5 Corrections,10 Sequences
Markers 5 markers for peaks: 5 normal-delta marker pairsFunctions: Delta,
To Peak,To Minimum,Peak Table,Peak Sort
Trace Detection 3 traces with Peak, Maximum hold, Freeze, Average,
and Trace Math
Auto Measurement ACPR, OCBW, Channel power, N dB , and Phase Jitter
Autoset Function Auto tuning the measurement result for observation
Sequence Automated test by user defined macros without any remote control
• RF Input Type : N Female, 50_ nominal RF input VSWR: <2:1, @0dBm Ref Level
• External Reference Clock Input Type : BNC Female, 1M, 1.544M, 2.048M, 5M, 10M,
10.24M, 13M, 15.36M, 15.4M, 19.2M
• External Trigger Input Type : BNC Female, +5V TTL signal
• Ref. Clock Output Type : BNC Female, 10MHz
• RS-232C D-Sub 9pins Female
• VGA Output D-Sub 15pins Female
• USB Connector Front Panel : Type A
Rear Panel : Type B mini
• DC Voltage Output SMB Male, +9V/100mA max output
Power Source
• AC Input 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz,90W
• DC Input Jack : 5.5mm, 12V
Accessories User Manual ×1, Power Cord ×1,USB,Cord,CD Disc(PC Softwear)
Dimensions 330(W)×170(H)×340(D)mm
Weight Approx. 6kg
Ambient Temperature 18ºC to 28ºC for operation
0ºC to 40ºC for storage
Relative Humidity <90% for operation
<85% for storage

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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