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MWJ-6393 BD Jitter Meter
* End of production


This MWJ-6393, Bul-Ray Disc Jitter Meter is designer for measuring and indicating the jitter conponents of the data signals (1-7 modulation signals) from Bui-ray Discdrives employed as input signals and the clock signal extracted by the internal PLL circuit employed as a reference signal.
It has the conventional equalizer as standard and the boost level of it can be adjustable.
The inhibit function is provided to inhibit jitter measurement of faulty section.
It is indicated the measured jitter values by percent (%) of the Σ values of each measured jitter value with the clock cycle enployed as a reference.
It can also indicate whether measured values are acceptable or not by means of GO or NO LED lamp by presetting a criterion value.


Conventional equalizer provided as standard
The conventional equalizer conforming to Blu-ray Disc standards is provided and the boost level can be adjustable. The measurements of the media with 23.3GB, 25.0GB and 27.0GB are possible by the setting value.
Offset-scale meter (3% to 13%)
To adopt an Offset-scale meter, the efficient measurement can be done in one range.
Jitter value indicated with %
The unit converts a time difference between a data signal and the clock into a sigma value and indicates its jitter quantity as the percentage to the clock cycle on the meter.
The polarity of the measurement
It can select either + or - edge of the data signal, and also select +, - or +/- edge for jitter measurement.
INHIBIT function
The inhibit function is provided to inhibit jitter measurement of faulty section.
GO/NO judgment
A GO/NO result is indicated in relation to a preset jitter value.
Auto frequency compensation circuit
Since an automatic frequency compensation circuit is provided, the jitter value can be read by a percent value accurately even if the clock frequency changes.
2T Rejection function
It can measure jitter values without 2T signal requested by Dual layer Disc measurement.
Panel-lock function
The panel-lock function is provided to preserve the measurement setting conditions.
Remote control function
The DATA EDGE, RANGE, LIMIT EQ. & 2T REJ. function on the front panel can be remote-controlled by control signals.
Limit equalizer as option
The limit equalizer is available as option.


 Input section
Input Signal

1-7 modulation signals with 64MHz to 68MHz as reference clock frequency.

Clock Frequency 66MHz
Clock Frequency Range 64MHz to 68MHz
Input Level Range 0.1Vp-p to 1.0Vp-p
Input Impedance 50Ω, unbalance
INHIBIT Input Signal TTL level
MAX. Input Level ±10VDC or less, 3.5Vrms or less

 Measuring section
Jitter Measuring Range ±0.5T to the clock edge
Reference Clock Internal PLL clock
Measuring Data Edge +, - or +/- (selectable)
Equalizer Conventional, Limit Equalizer
• Frequency Characteristion Conforms to Blu-ray Disc Standards(Part.1 Ver.1.0)
• Standard Setting +5.8dB±0.3dB (16.5MHz - 200kHz @66MHz)
• Variable Range 0dB, 2.3, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.3, 3.6 to 9.0dB
0.2dB step from 3.6 to 90dB
• Group Dley Characteristion Max. 2ns (3MHz to 16.5MHz)

 Indication Section
Indicating System Percent(%) Indication by the meter and LCD display in SIGMA mode
• Range 13% and 20%
Measuring accuracy
• Meter Display

13% : ±0.5(%) of the indication (3% to 13%)
20% : ±1.0(%) of the indication

• Digital Display Less ±(3% of reading + 20 digits)
Indicating Method Percent indication by an analog meter and LCD
LCD Digital Display
• Indication Resolution 0.01
• Renewal cycle Approx. 1 cycle per second
Judgement Indication Preset value and measured value are compared and the judgement result is indicated by LED.

 Output / Input Section
RECORDER 0.1V/% ±50mV (open circuit)
REMOTE ALL functions on the panel except PRESET are externally controllable
• Input Level TTL level
• Logic

Active LOW (Logic selection is availabl)

 Factory Option

Limit Equalizer Conforms to Blu-ray Disc Standards
( Part.1, Ver.1.0)

EQUALIZER Output 0.5Vp-p at 50Ω load
JITTER Output 10% at 0.1Vrms at 50Ω load
DATA Output 0.25Vp-p at 50Ω load
CLOCK Output 0.25Vp-p at 50Ω load

Operating Temperature Range    0ºC to +40ºC
Guarantee Temperature Range +15ºC to +35ºC
Power requirements AC100 /120-220/240V, 50 / 60Hz 15VA
Dimentions 240(W)×154(H)×130(D)mm
Weight Approx. 2.0kg

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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