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MJM-631U CD Jitter Meter Unit
* End of production

This CD jitter meter unit is a built-in type and is designed for measuring the time jitter in the 3T component of the EFM modulated signal of CD players and relative devices.


 Input Section
Input signal EFM signal
Clock frequency 4.3218MHz
Input level range 0.3Vp-p to 5.0Vp-p
Input impedance Approx. 1MΩ

 Measuring Section
Measuring range 2.5T (578ns) to 3.4T (787ns)
Pulse width compensating range 694ns ±0.5T (115ns)
Measuring jitter output value One sigma value
Measuring range 30ns and 60ns
Measuring edge (Polarity) + and - of input signal

 Input/Output terminal (REMOTE)
RECORDER output 30ns/V (30ns range) and 60ns/V (60ns range),
Max. 2V ±0.05V (open circuit)
Measuring range change TTL input
Measuring edge change TTL input
Data enable output TTL level

Required external power source +7.0V to +15.0V, 0.3A
-7.0V to -15.0V, 0.3A
Operating temperature range 0ºCto +40ºC

Case outer dimensions 170 (W) ×30 (H )×170 (D )mm
Fitting dimensions
• Horizontal 4-position 120(W)×160(D)mm
• Vertical 2-position 160(L)mm

Connecting cable set Input cable : 1
Output / Control cable : 1
Cable for external power source : 1

Case :
A special case with external power source unit is available on option.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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