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MSG-2192 DSRC/DSSS Tester (Optical beacon) download


MSG-2192 is a signal generator which generates DSRC and pseudo signal of road side optical beacon unit. DSRC transmits and receives radio, optical beacon through downlink and uplink.
It enables to conduct transmitting and receiving test of such as car navigation system and on board unit.


Transmitting data of DSRC and optical beacon can be written through dedicated application software.
There is no display or setting switches on the body. Use USB or RS-232 instead.
With the dedicated application software, setting, DSRC and optical beacon input are easily carried by a PC.
* No simultaneous output of both DSRC and optical beacon.
* No editing or creation of DSRC and optical beacon data by the dedicated application.

Application operation screen

App Screen App Screen

[DSRC application screen]

[Optical beacon (DSCC) screen]


 DSRC transmission characteristics
Transmitting frequency 5775MHz, 5780MHz, 5785MHz, 5790MHz, 5795MHz, 5800MHz, 5805MHz
Frequency accuracy ±5×10-6 or better
Transmitting power 0.125mW +20%, -50% (At the output terminal of the unit)

Spurious area : less than 2.5uW
Out of band area : less than 25uW
Frequency of boundary : Carrier waveform ±12.2MHz

Allowable occupation frequency band 4.4MHz or better
Adjacent channel leakage power 5MHz±2.2MHz less than -30db
10MHz±2.2MHz less than -40db
* ASK: Peak power, QPSK: Average power within burst, QPSK: Average power within burst.
Leakage power at carrier-off less than 2.5uW
Signal transmitting speed

ASK 1024kbps
QPKS 4096kbps

Accuracy ±100×10-6 or better
Modulation factor (Applied to ASK) 0.75 or higher
Modulation accuracy (Applied to QPSK) Better than 10.0%

 Receiver characteristics
Receiving frequency 5815MHz, 5820MHz, 5825MHz, 5830MHz, 5835MHz, 5840MHz, 5845MHz
Receiving sensitivity ASK Higher than -50.0dBm e.i.r.p. (Typ)
QPSK Higher than -50.0dBm e.i.r.p. (Typ) (BER : less than 1×10-5)
Strength of secondary radiated wave less than 2.5uW
Max. allowed input ASK less than -39.6dBm e.i.r.p. (Typ)
QPSK less than -30.0dBm e.i.r.p. (Typ) (BER : less than 1×10-5)

 Transmission characteristics
Modulation method ASK modulation, π/4 shift QPSK modulation
Transmission profile Adopted to profile 9 to 12
Transmission method Half duplex
Transmission Point to point (transmit with one onboard unit)
SAM None
Number of record 4 records
Record 0 : Fixed data for test
Record 1-3 : Writable data

Optical beacon (compatible to DSSS)
Modulation method Pulse amplitude modulation
Coding type Manchester code
Transmitting speed Downlink 1024kbps
Uplink 64kbps
Number of record 8 records
Record 0 : Fixed data for test
Record 1-7 : Writable data

USB Standard B receptacle(USB2.0 high speed)
RS-232C D-Sub 9 Pin (38400bps, Hardware flow)

Power requirement DC12V (AC adapter supplied)
Power consumption Approx. 4W
Dimensions (excluding projected parts) W210 × H45 × D110mm
Weight Approx. 500g
Operating temperature range 0 - +40C
Performance guaranteed temperature range +10 - +35C
Battery backup function Hold settings and saved data
OS Windows XP/7
DSRC/DSSS transceiver antenna attached

Notes for MSG-2192
1. Optical beacon and DSRC are inspected without considering of onboard application.
Normal inspection cannot be carried when in onboard condition (condition windshield between) hence considered this is out of warranty. In addition, DSRC inspection is not conforming to SPF authentication therefore data receiving cannot be made. DSRC inspection enabled standard connection sequence and WCNC reading inspection.
2. Radio act
As this product is not conforming to Radio act in Japan, take appropriate action, such as using electric wave anechoic chamber to prevent leakage of radiation.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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