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MDC-2176 DARC/RTIC Decoder


Save of up to 28 days worth of continuous data captured from FM multiplex broadcasts.


Small and light unit.
Wideband 76–108MHz.
Compatible for use with an in-car power supply.
Simultaneously record GPS location information.
USBSave 28 days of continuous recording onto a USB flash drive (8 GB)

Field Use Image

App Screen


 Basic Specification
FM reception frequency 76.0MHz–110.0MHz (100kHz steps)
RF input level 40dBuV〜100dBuV
RF input terminal BNC(75Ω)
Data storage capacity External memory (USB storage)
Status LEDs POWER (green)
GPS (green) : GPS receiving OK
BL (green) : BLOCK LOCK OK
FR (green) : FRAME LOCK OK
SAVE (green) : Saving DARC data
RF (green) : RF input OK
LV (green)×3 : Reception level (weak/average/strong)
Save button Press to start/stop DARC data save
Output terminal CLOCK output terminal BNC (3.3V)
DATA output terminal BNC (3.3V)
GPS terminal

GPS antenna connection SMA

Power-supply voltage 5815MHz, 5820MHz, 5825MHz, 5830MHz, 5835MHz, 5840MHz, 5845MHz
Unit dimensions ASK Higher than -50.0dBm e.i.r.p. (Typ)
QPSK Higher than -50.0dBm e.i.r.p. (Typ) (BER : less than 1×10-5)

  USB2.0 (Type A) Hi-speed capable, use with a USB flash drive
USB2.0 (micro B) Hi-speed capable, for use with a remote

Items included
  AC adapter
USB flash drive
GPS antenna

Accessory kit (sold separately)
  USB cable (TypeA - MicroB)
Cigarette socket connecter
Rod antenna

DARC data save Save received DARC data to a USB flash drive
(save layer 2 and layer 3 simultaneously)
Saved data Saved data is managed using files.
Directly import the data saved onto a USB flash drive into a PC.
Save start/stop button Start and stop recording data with the save start/stop button on the front panel.
Conditions such as receiver frequency must be set up in advance using a dedicated application.
DARC data save 2 Transfer and save in real-time received DARC data to a PC.
(PC transfer save) Connect a PC by USB and simultaneously save layer 2 and layer 3 onto the PC.
DATA & CLOCK output Output the DARC data being received or saved DARC data using the DATA & CLOCK output on the back of the unit (layer 2 only)
※ The user can choose whether to output either data being received or saved data when using the DATA & CLOCK output.
※ Data cannot be saved while using the DATA & CLOCK output.
Memory management option The user can set the start and finish frames when using DATA & CLOCK output. (extra charge)

Notes for MDC-2176
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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