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MIM-1201 LCR Meter download

Adopting space saving design, the MIM-1201 has performance which measures the same measurement parameters as Meguro’s higher grade LCR meters, and provides ±0.1% basic accuracy measurements of passive components despite the most compact model in our LCR Meters. Test frequency range which covers from 100Hz to 100kHz (in 388 steps) allows measurement under almost the same conditions as actual use conditions of the D.U.T.
In addition, this series equips Comparator Function and Deviation Mode which are convenient for screening process. Comparator Function displays the PASS/FAIL results of both primary and secondary parameter simultaneously. In Deviation Mode, this unit displays deviations from nominal values of both parameters.
Special software enables full remote control and collecting measurement data is attached as standard equipment. The MIM-1201 is suitable for manufacturing environment and provides accurate four-terminal measurements.


Comprehensive measurement functions. Providing all frequently used measurement parameters.
Comparator Function compares measurements of D.U.T. with specified upper limits and lower limits of both primary parameter and secondary parameter simultaneously, and reports the PASS/FAIL result of the D.U.T. by the front panel LED indicators and beep.
In Deviation Mode, either absolute measurement units or percentage limits are selectable.
A switchable DC 2V Bias Voltage Function is equipped as a standard equipment.
Up to 127 instrument set-up conditions files can be saved/recalled in a built-in memory


 Measurement Item
Measurement Parameters lZl,R,X,lYl,G,B,Cs,Cp,Ls,Lp,D,Q,Rdc,Δ%,θ

 Test Signal
Test Frequency Range 100Hz to 100kHz in 388 steps
AC Test Signal Level 50mV 100mV 250mV 500mV 1V
DC Test Signal Level 0.5V
DC Bias Voltage 2V, Switchable
Measurement Parameters Measurement Range
lZl R X 0.01mΩ to 100.00MΩ
lYl G 0.0001nS to 1000S
Cs Cp 0.01pF to 1F
Ls Lp 0.01uH to 100KH
D 0.0001 to 9.9999
Q 0.1 to 9999.9
Rdc 0.01mΩ to 100.00MΩ
Δ% -999.99% to 999.99%
θ -180º to +180º
Measurement Speed Fast: 200ms, Medium: 300ms, Slow: 500ms
LCD Display 240×64 Dot-matrix Display
Calibration Mode Open Circuit Trimming and Short Circuit Trimming
Comparator Mode Primary and Secondary Parameters, Absolute Measurement Units
Comparator Indication PASS/FAIL LED Indicator and Beep
Deviation Mode Absolute Measurement Units or Percentage limits Measurement Ranging Auto or Hold
Trigger Mode Internal, Manual, External
Connection 4 Terminals BNC Guarded Connections

 Other Functions
Save and Recall Up to 127 instrument set-up conditions files can be saved and recalled.
Memory Back-Up Set-up conditions are saved when the power switch was turned off.
Interface RS-232C, GP-IB [Option], Hander = EXT I/O [Option]

 General Data
Power Requirement AC90 to 132V AC198 to 264V
Line Frequency 50/60Hz
Operating Temp. Range 10ºC to 40ºC
Guarantee Temp. Range 18ºC to 28ºC
Dimensions Approx. 340 (W) ×100 (H) ×330 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 5kg
Software Measurement software for PC

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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