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MK-669C Wow Flutter Meter

The MK-669C is intended for measurements of wow flutter in the recording/playback equipment for magnetic tapes, videotapes, discs, film, etc. in accordance with JIS, NAB, DIN (IEC/ANSI), and CCIR standards, the center frequencies used in measurements are 3kHz for RMS, NAB, and 3.15kHz for IEC (DIN/CCIR).
Wow flutter values measured with the sigma memory and peak-hold methods can be read with digital display and tape speed measurement is possible using a 4-digit frequency counter simultaneously with the wow flutter.
Furthermore, the GO-NO judgment function for wow flutter and tape speed measurements is provided.


Wow flutter measurements possible in accordance with different standards for RMS, NAB at 3kHz and for IEC (DIN/CCIR) at 3.15kHz.
Wide wow flutter range, 0.001% to 3%, for accurate measurements for all classes of recording/playback equipment.
Measurements can be made under weighted and unweighted conditions; in addition, wow and flutter can be separately determined.
At IEC(DIN/CCIR) measurements, a sigma memory for three modes, 1σ, 2σ, and 3σ, enables readings at the hold condition of the meter.
FIN (Frequency Intermodulation) measurements in accordance with DIN45411 are possible.


 Center Frequency Range
3kHz ±300Hz and 3.15kHz ±300Hz

 Input Level

0.1mV to 10Vrms : Two ranges
0.1mV to 30mVrms, 5mV to 10Vrms

 Input Impedance
300kΩ ±20%, unbalanced

 Measurement Range
0.0015% to 3% in 6 ranges:
(However 0.1 to 30mV ranges is 0.003 to 3%)
0 to 0.01% , 0 to 0.3% , 0 to 0.03% , 0 to 1% , 0 to 0.1% , 0 to 3%

 Indication Modes
Effective value for RMS, average value for NAB and peak value for IEC (DIN/CCIR).

 Indication Accuracy
±5% of full scale at 4Hz on all ranges.

 Frequency Characteristic
Weighted 0.2 to 200Hz for JIS, NAB and IEC (DIN/CCIR)
Wow Flutter
• Wow 0.5 to 6Hz
• Flutter 6 to 200Hz
• NAB 0.5 to 200Hz -3dB±1dB
• IEC(DIN/CCIR) 0.3 to 200Hz -3dB±1dB
Roll off
• NAB -6dB/oct below 0.5Hz
-15dB/oct above 200Hz
•IEC(DIN/CCIR) 0.3 to 200Hz, -3 ±1dB
-6dB/oct below 0.3Hz
-15dB/oct above 200Hz

 FIM (Frequency Intermodulation) Measurement
Range Corresponding to wow flutter measurement
Filter Characteristics
• FIM at ON Low pass filter -3 ±1dB at 500Hz
Roll off -36dB/oct above 500Hz
• 160Hz Filter at ON High pass filter -3 ±1dB at 100Hz
Roll off -12dB/oct below 100Hz

 Tape Speed Indication
3 ±1kHz : 4-digit display

 Measurements With Memory
Method Sigma memory for IEC
Peak-hold for JIS, NAB, IEC

Manual, repeat and automatic control with input monitor.
(Manual or repeat operation when input signal is applied.)

Sigma Mode 3 points? 1σ, 2σ and 3σ
Measuring Time 2.5 sec crystal-controlled
Memory Read Time Approx. 2 to 6 seconds, variable, with internal adjustment
Preparation Time For automatic control with input signal : 1 to seconds, variable, with internal adjustment.

 Wow Flutter Digital Indication

(Counter display during readout time at memory measurements.)

Display 3 digits, effective, at 3%, 0.3% and 0.03% ranges.
2 1/2 digits, effective, at 1%, 0.1% and 0.01% ranges.
Accuracy ±(2% +1 digit) at full scale.
Display Time

Corresponds to memory readout time.

 Recording Signal Source

3kHz and 3.15kHz ±3×10-5 (crystal controlled)

Output Voltage Approx. 0.2Vrms at open circuit
Output Impedance Approx. 600Ω unbalanced
Distortion Less than 0.5%

 Drift Signal
Output Voltage ±1.0V ±10% per ±1% drift
Output Impedance 600Ω ±10%, unbalanced

 Recorder Signal
Output Voltage ±1.0V ±10% per ±1% drift
Output Impedance 600Ω ±10%, unbalanced

 Flutter Signal
Output Voltage ±1.0V ±10% per ±1% drift
Output Impedance 600Ω ±10%, unbalanced

 Flutter Signal
Output Voltage +5V (TTL level)

 Frequency Counter (When used independently)
Range 10Hz to 99.99kHz in 2 ranges
0.01 to 9.999kHz and 0.1 to 99.99kHz
Accuracy ±(1count + ref. Frequency accuracy)
Reference Frequency 600kHz ±1×10-4 : crystal-controlled
Input Voltage 100mV to 10Vrms
Input Impedance Approx. 300kΩ, unbalanced
Measurement Time 2 ranges: 0.1 and 1 sec
Display 4-digit

 General Data
Operating Temp.

Range 0 to 40ºC

Power Requirements 100V, 115V, 215V or 230V
50/60Hz (voltage selector provided)
Approx. 25VA
Dimensions, max Approx. 360(W)×165(H)×290(D) mm
Weight Approx. 6kg

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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