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MSG-2175 FM Multiplex Signal Generator
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MSG-2175 allows combination which matches user's needs.(RDS/DARC)
  *Main Frame + RDS
*Main Frame + DARC
*Main Frame + RDS + DARC


?@RF signal output
Frequency lange

70MHz?@to 110MHz

Setting resolution 100Hz
Frequency accracy ?}5?~10-6
Output level range -20 to 126dB??V(EMF)
Output Resolution 0.1dB step
Output level accracy ?}1.5dB
Output impedance 50Ω
VSWR 1.3 or less
Spurious Harmonics -30dB?? or Lower
Spurious Resolution -40dB?? or Lower

Output level setting 0.0 to 10.0% (0.1% step)
Subcarrier frequency 57kHz ±2Hz
Data modulation mode DPSK 1.1875 kbps
External data/clock input TTL
Bit error rate PN9
Records 00 to 10 (00 fixed pattern)

L-MSK level control Auto/Manual switching
AUTO Upper limit : 10.0% ,Lower limit : 4.0%
MANUAL 0.0 to 15.0% (0.1% step)
Subcarrier frequency 76kHz ±2Hz
Data modulation mode LMSK 16??bps Frequency shift : ±4??Hz
External data/clock input TTL
Bit error rate PN9
Records 00 to 10 (00 fixed pattern)

?@Stereo Modulator
Output level setting 0 to 125% (0.5% step)
Internal modulation frequency 400Hz?C1kHz?C6.3kHz?C10kHz?C15kHz
Pre-emphasis OFF?C25µs?C50µs?C75µs
Frequency characteristics 30Hz to 15kHz ±0.2dB
Separation 55??B >
S/N ratio 74dB >
Pilot signal 19kHz ± 1Hz
Output level setting 0 to 15% (1% step)

Serial interface RS-232C: D-sub 9pin (male), USB : Type B (female)
Parallel interface GP-IB (Compliant with IEEE Std. 488-1975)

?@General Data
Power requirements AC 90 to 240V50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 20VA (Full-featrued product)
Dimensions Approx. 420(W)?~100(H)?~370(D)mm
Weight Approx. 5kg
Operating temp range 0?? to +40??
Guarantee temperature range +10?? to +35??

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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