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AM/FM Stereo Signal Generator
Successor model : MAS-8421
Replacement : MSG-2280

This is an AM/FM stereo signal generator incorporating Digital Direct Synthesizer technology (DDS) in 100KHz to 170MHz RF output, Internal modulation signal generator, AM/FM Mono, FM Stereo modulation generators.
*External modulation is adapted to AM/FM monaural.
This unit is equipped with RF Signal Generator function. As this unit is succeeded previous mode MSG-2280 for the SG function, measurement system which has been configured under MSG-2280 can also be configured. In addition, it can configure a flexible measurement system by using display, keyboard and mouse through GUI on the host on the network.

For Radio and AM/FM tuner module


Evaluation and Testing for Various products
Higher Productivity by the Efficient Inspection
Drustically Reduced Maintenance Cost


 Model number  MAS-8420
SG section
RF output Output type DDS
Freq range 100kHz to 170MHz
Output level -20dBuV to 126dBuV(EMF)
Output impedance 50ohm
VSWR Less than 1.3
Spurious Harmonics Less than -30dBc
FM modulation Freq. deviation 0kHz to 135kHz
Modulation accuracy 10.7Mhz +/- 1MHz
76 to 108MHz +/- (settingx0.1+0.5)kHz
0.3 Mhz to 170 MHz +/- (setting×0.1+1) kHz
FM stereo modulation Internal Mod freq 400Hz/1kHz/6.3kHz/10kHz/15kHz
Modulation depth 0 to 135% (75kHz/100%)
Pilot setting range 0 to15%
AM modulation Moduation depth 0 to 100% (30% max > 120dB)
Internal Mod freq 400Hz/1kHz/6.3kHz/10kHz/15kHz

Interface HDMI×1 /  LAN(10/100BaseT) ×1 /  USB-A ×3  /  USB-B ×1
Power requirement AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions/weight 240(W) × 100(H) × 385(D) mm / Approx 4s

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